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CASE STUDY - PC Lee Brodie

4th May 2018 by PC Lee Brodie

PC Lee Brodie tells us about his go-to NKBL resource.

Being a Peer Educator - Sophie

20th April 2018 by Sophie Downes

Sophie, PSYV Dundee East, talks about what it means to be a Peer Educator.

We need to talk about ACES…but other things too

12th February 2018 by Nina Vaswani, Research Fellow, CYCJ

Nina Vaswani from CYCJ explains why everyone is talking about ACEs.

Why Bystander Work Should Be Central to our Knife Crime Prevention Approach

29th January 2018 by Jane Dailly

Jane explains the bystander approach to knife crime prevention and how practitioners can use it in their work.

Don’t be a bystander, be a friend – NKBL Youth Workshop

15th January 2018 by Emily Beever

Find out about our upcoming interactive workshop exclusively for young people and accompanying youth workers.