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NKBL play reaches 6,000 young people in 4 weeks

30th October 2017
by Emily Beever

The NKBL tour has reached the halfway point. ‘Balisong’ has already been seen by 6,000 young people and will reach a further 6,000 young people before the end of November.

Actors Daniel, Ashleigh and Maddie have been touring Scotland presenting the journey of friends in their final weeks of school. They’re facing a dilemma – what should they do now that one of their friends has started carrying a knife?

Producer Kai Peacock said, “this is a wonderful opportunity to engage young audiences with a new and exciting piece of theatre, created for young people by young people.”

Feedback from young people has been really positive:

“Makes you aware of the bad choices that could’ve been made.”

“Very deep and had a strong message.”


The play was even seen by Justice Secretary, Michael Matheson MSP, in Ardrossan Academy. Mr Matheson said, “While I was struck by the effectiveness of drama in conveying this important message, I was equally struck by the conversations that took place among pupils immediately afterwards.

“Some young people previously indicated they would not tell anyone if someone they knew was in possession of a knife. What I witnessed, and what I’m told is taking place in other schools, is the instant behaviour change The Balisong delivers.”

There will be a special showcase of ‘Balisong’ on Thursday 2nd November at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh at 6pm. You can book a place by emailing Kai (kai@fastforward.org.uk).

No Knives, Better Lives is a YouthLink Scotland programme funded by the Scottish Government. We're working in partnership with Fast Forward and Strange Town Theatre Company to develop and deliver this workshop tour.