NKBL overview

No Knives Better Lives - an overview

NKBL is a national initiative delivered at a local level. In 2009, the NKBL National Delivery Team at YouthLink Scotland and the Scottish Government began supporting partners in 11 selected local authority areas to implement NKBL.  

In April 2014, this support became available to all local authority areas in Scotland.  

Policy Context

The National Outcomes for Scotland express a commitment to improve the life chances of children in Scotland and to ensure that communities have the capacity to be safe from crime, disorder and danger. 

Addressing issues of youth violence and anti-social behaviour requires many different types of intervention at many different levels. 

NKBL is a primary prevention initiative that specifically addresses the issue of knife carrying but is informed by and complimentary to wider policy priorities and interventions that aim to prevent offending and anti-social behaviour (e.g. Preventing Offending for Young People: A Framework for Action) and to improve outcomes for young people in Scotland (e.g. Getting It Right For Every Child).  

Support for local stakeholders

The national delivery team can provide advice and support in relation to all aspects of developing and delivering a No Knives Better Lives initiative in your area.  

We provide a “point of contact” support service to help you establish a NKBL partnership and develop local delivery plans. To find out more contact the National Delivery Team.

National programmes

Areas delivering NKBL projects are supported nationally by a range of training options and other initiatives designed to aid work at the local level.

Read more about NKBL National Programmes 


We have a comprehensive range of publicity materials and campaign merchandise, online training courses, and resources for schools and youthwork settings. 

For ordering details and download links, visit our resources page.

Marketing support

Awareness raising campaigns consisting of digital marketing and outdoor advertising (posters, chalk stencils) are available to run in local areas delivering NKBL.

No Knives, Better Lives Network

The NKBL Network brings partners together via a dedicated Facebook group, monthly newsletters, local and national Network events and the NKBL blog. 

Find out more on our NKBL Network page.