Mark’s Map

Watch the Mark's Story video and think about all the people surrounding Mark that we meet in the story.

Mark in the Middle

In the activity below place the character's from the film into the following categories:

  • 'positive' for those that positively push Mark in the right direction
  • 'negative' for those that negatively pull Mark in the wrong direction

Then discuss the following:

  • Which group is the biggest?
  • In what way are different people having a positive or negative influence on Mark?
  • Why is the Dad in both push and pull?
  • Did alcohol affect the role that the girls played?
  • Did the use of phones and social media have any effect?
  • Are there categories that people would change?
  • Is Mark having a positive or negative influence on the others?
  • How easy is it to avoid or get rid of the people having a negative pull on your life?

Top Tips

Different people have different roles and influences in our lives. Often this is positive and at other times there are people that can have a negative influence. What we say to each other and how we communicate can make a big difference one way or the other. It's important that we are able to identify when the people around us are pushing us in the right direction or pulling us in the wrong direction.

Here we have allocated the characters in the story to either 'positive' or 'negative' but there are no definite answers. The aim of the exercise is to generate a good dialogue about why people would be in one or the other.

Remember follow up this exercise by asking group members to make their own list of people that are pushing them in the right direction and pulling them in the wrong direction. They do not have to share this information, but it is good to discuss with the group ways that they can deal with people 'pulling' on them. Remind group members to try to be aware of different influences and to try not to be pulled in the wrong direction.

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Use the icons to place characters from the film into the following categories:

  • Positive influence
    For those that positively direct Mark in the right direction

  • Negative influence
    For those that negatively direct Mark in the wrong direction

Ready? Get started
Ready? Get started below

You’ve added all the characters!

There are no right or wrong answers – discuss your choices with others and see what conclusions they came to.

Ian Henderson

The boy who gets stabbed

Jordan Greenhill

Mark's friend who sends him the first text about Ian



Baby Sister

Aunty Karen

Mark's second pal

Walks to park with Mark

Mark's third pal

Walks to park with Mark


With Ian Henderson’s friends in the park

Abi's pal

First girl to speak to Mark when he arrives in the park

Ian's pals

Group of boys in park

Positive influence

  • Add positive influences here

Negative influence

  • Add negative influences here