Mark’s Story - Introduction

This online toolkit is designed to be used with the NKBL film Marks Story (One knife, many lives). There are two parts to the toolkit.

Part 1- Working with Young People to Affect Change

This part of the toolkit focuses on the skills; qualities and values workers need to support young people’s personal and social development.

  • It acknowledges that professionals are not part of this story – so where, when and how can professionals intervene in young people’s lives in a way that would prevent the knife attack?
  • It develops techniques like observation, listening, dialogue & reflection so that workers can positively influence attitudes, choices and behaviour.

Part 2 – Activities for Working with Young People

This section focuses on giving young people the skills and qualities they need to positively change their lives.

  • It focuses on supporting young people to understand who they are, the decisions they make and the factors which influence them.
  • It provides tools for building resilience to adverse risks.
  • It develops ways to reflect on and learn from experience.

It engages young people in fun and creative activities mixing new and existing NKBL materials in the context of Mark’s story.