This page explains the features that have been incorporated into this website to provide a level of accessibility for all users.


Enabling extended accessibility


The extended accessibility toolbar can be enabled by pressing the Shift key three times, followed by the A key.


Once enabled, it will provide the following accessibility enhancements:


Text size


If you are finding the text difficult to read or would otherwise like to increase legibility, you can increase the font size using the zoom tool within the access toolbar.


Press Z on your keyboard and select an area with your mouse to zoom the selected portion of the page.


High contrast


To switch between normal and high contrast modes, press C on your keyboard. Some images may not be visible in this mode.


Access keys


Access keys provide alternative navigation without using a mouse. This site uses the following access keys:


  • N: skip to the Main Navigation links.
  • S: skip to the Page Content.
  • R: jump to the Related Content (where applicable).
  • 1: go to the Home Page.
  • 3: go to the Site Map (where applicable).
  • 0: go to this Accessibility page.


Displaying access keys


Press H on your keyboard to highlight areas which can be directly moved to using an access key.


Other shortcuts


If the website contains one, you can use AltS to instantly move to the search box.


If supported, the R key on your keyboard will start ReadAhead, which will allow you to read linked pages without loading them fully in your browser.




The following are third party links for specialist accessibility software: