Eileen’s story

Eileen Monaghan, 51, Parent, Clydebank

Eileen Monaghan knows only too well the dangers and consequences of knife crime; her son Luke, then aged 24, was stabbed two years ago when he was out with his dad.


Luke is now moving on from the incident, but having lived through the personal experience of her own child being stabbed, mother of one Eileen hopes that the No Knives, Better Lives campaign will make young people think twice before picking up a weapon.


Eileen, a primary school teacher in Clydebank said: “The thought of knife crime and how those involved are so badly affected had never crossed my mind before that horrendous night. Unfortunately in society today, if it does not involve you directly you just don’t think about it.


“My son and husband were enjoying a quiet drink, when the pub they were in was set-upon by an armed gang. Luke, who was outside the bar using his mobile at the time, was stabbed and my husband assaulted. I had arranged to pick them up and I remember as I saw the whole area awash with blue lights having a bad feeling that something horrible had happened.


“As I made my way through the crowd I knew something was wrong, the shock in peoples’ faces was evident, but nothing prepares for you to see your loved ones hurt or injured. I remember just being hysterical with worry.


“So many emotions run through your head, shock, panic; emotions that I had never experienced before as the grave situation I faced started to sink in. We were told that Luke would need to have an emergency operation and we were allowed to see him quickly.


“The moment my son asked me if he was going to die, really is every mothers nightmare and even now he’s made a full recovery and is getting on with his life, I often just break down in tears at the thought. That’s why it’s important for this campaign to reach out to young people and help raise awareness amongst parents to give them both the confidence and the necessary support to speak to their children so they might not have to go through what I had to.”


So many emotions run through your head, shock, panic; emotions that I had never experienced before.

Eileen Monaghan, 51 from Clydebank

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