• NKBL Webinar Preventing Violence in a Recession- Thursday 26th November 2020

    15 December 2020 By Orielle
    We held a webinar on preventing violence in a recession, where we discussed the challenges of preventing violence during a recession while maintaining a rights-based approach. We discussed what violence in Scotland looked like at the last recession 12 years ago, what has changed, what does justice look like for a young person and then […]
  • Restorative Practices & NKBL

    15 September 2020 By Orielle
    Last week we held our first No Knives, Better Lives Community of Practice. A community of practice is a network of individuals with common problems or interests who get together to explore ways of working, identify common solutions, and share good practice and ideas. The community of practice is part of our strategic response to […]
    NKBL in schools, Implementing NKBL locally, NKBL and youth work
  • What Happens Now? Knife carrying after Covid 19

    21 July 2020 By Orielle
    2020 has seen major shifts that are going to cause huge socio-economic and cultural changes to society as we know it.  This is no exaggeration.  This is not the gentle nudge theory that change happens in almost imperceptible tiny stages.  This is shove theory; sudden, shocking and urgent. So we ask ourselves, what happens now? […]
    Implementing NKBL locally, NKBL toolkits, NKBL and youth work
  • 2020 and NKBL- A New Approach

    18 June 2020 By Orielle
    These are unprecedented times and as we move forward together, we need to ensure that young people are at the heart of how our service pivots towards their needs. In light of this we have moved many of our programmes and services online and will engage in a national conversation with practitioners, parents and young […]
    NKBL in schools, NKBL toolkits, NKBL and youth work, Peer education
  • 10 Years of NKBL in North Ayrshire

    17 October 2019 By Orielle
    My name is Damian Taylor and I’m a Community Worker for North Ayrshire Council. I’ve been working with the national No Knives Better Lives Team for 10 years. We started off with a launch event at Eglinton County Park in Kilwinning. This included two young people, one a victim of knife crime and the other […]
    Implementing NKBL locally
  • NKBL in Polmont

    17 October 2019 By Orielle
    I am a Sergeant in Police Scotland and have completed 29 years police service in a variety of mostly front-line roles.  In April 2015, I took up a newly created post within the existing SPS Community Safety Department at HMP & YOI Polmont working with young people aged 16-22, with the joint aims of reducing […]
    NKBL and youth work
  • A View from the front line

    17 October 2019 By Orielle
    Youth workers play a very important role when it comes to the reduction of young people carrying knives. The G15 Youth Project operates in the north west of Glasgow with young people aged 12-25. The area we work in has historically been known for high levels of anti-social behaviour, violence and territorialism and unfortunately has […]
    Implementing NKBL locally
  • Top five things we have learned in 10 years of NKBL

    25 April 2019 By Orielle
  • New stock images on knife crime aim to change media narrative around young people

    12 March 2019 By Orielle
    A new collection of stock images on knife crime have been launched in an effort to reduce the use of graphic and sensationalised images in the media of young people. The project, named ‘Taking Stock’, involved co-designing the images with young people with experience of offending. Young people looked at images currently used to portray […]
    NKBL and youth work
  • Background of NKBL branded canvas bags. Text overlay reads: "Resilience, bouncing back and millennial 'snowflakes'. Vicki Ridley"

    Resilience, bouncing back and millennial ‘snowflakes’

    25 February 2019 By Orielle
    The last decade has seen the theory of resilience gain increasing traction as a way of generally explaining why some young people fare better than others. Often seen as a buzzword, the theory of resilience is used to describe how some young people can endure ‘toxic stress,’ caused by living with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). […]
    NKBL and youth work
  • Behind the scenes on stock images project

    11 February 2019 By Orielle
    Since our last blog, we’ve made lots of progress in the stock images project. In November, we ran three workshops with young people in HMYOI Polmont and the Good Shepherd Centre. The young people represented a mix of ages, backgrounds and experiences. This mix meant the young people had lots to discuss and had different […]
    NKBL and youth work
  • #ActionAgainstKnifeCrime with UK Youth Parliament

    28 January 2019 By Orielle
    We’ve partnered up with UK Youth Parliament for their national #ActionAgainstKnifeCrime campaign.
    NKBL in schools, Implementing NKBL locally, NKBL toolkits, NKBL and youth work, Peer education
  • Meet the NKBL Team

    29 November 2018 By Orielle
    We’ve had a few staff changes over the past few months so thought we’d reintroduce ourselves and let you know which aspects of NKBL we work on.
  • How does the media influence knife crime?

    13 November 2018 By Orielle
    Just some of the words used by practitioners to describe the current images used by media outlets for stories on knife carrying and crime.
    NKBL and youth work
  • 5 ways youth workers can support young people’s participation in prevention

    5 November 2018 By Orielle
    As part of National Youth Work Week 2018, we are celebrating by highlighting the youth work elements that are at the heart of our prevention approach.
    Implementing NKBL locally, NKBL toolkits, NKBL and youth work, Peer education

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