• Top five things we have learned in 10 years of NKBL

    25 April 2019 By admin
    This year marks 10 years since the then Scottish government Cabinet secretary for Justice Sectary, Kenny MacAskill, launched No Knives Better Lives (NKBL) in March 2009. NKBL is the Scottish governments approach to tackling knife crime. Working in partnership with YouthLink Scotland; the national agency for youth work. NKBL has evolved a lot in 10 […]
  • New stock images on knife crime aim to change media narrative around young people

    12 March 2019 By Orielle
    A new collection of stock images on knife crime have been launched in an effort to reduce the use of graphic and sensationalised images in the media of young people. The project, named ‘Taking Stock’, involved co-designing the images with young people with experience of offending. Young people looked at images currently used to portray […]
    NKBL and youth work
  • Background of NKBL branded canvas bags. Text overlay reads: "Resilience, bouncing back and millennial 'snowflakes'. Vicki Ridley"

    Resilience, bouncing back and millennial ‘snowflakes’

    25 February 2019 By Orielle
    The last decade has seen the theory of resilience gain increasing traction as a way of generally explaining why some young people fare better than others. Often seen as a buzzword, the theory of resilience is used to describe how some young people can endure ‘toxic stress,’ caused by living with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). […]
    NKBL and youth work