In light of ongoing restrictions, we decided to focus February on detached youth work. Detached youth work is a model of youth work practice targeted at young people on their territory, like streets, parks, and open and shared public spaces. As of 21st January 2021, Scottish Government guidance permits the delivery of detached youth work as part of an effort to reduce transmission of COVID-19.

The month of activity includes a free training for detached youth work beginners, a community of practice event to discuss your challenges and successes of detached work, and three webinars featuring discussions with youth work practitioners talking about their experiences of running detached youth work during COVID-19.

Please share these events with colleagues you think will be interested. We have attached a graphic that can be used on social media to promote the month.

Community of Practice – Thursday 25th February 10.30am-12pm

Training – Thursday 18th February 6pm-8pm

NKBL YouTube channel

New resource on running socially-distanced NKBL activities

We’ve got brand new guidance on running NKBL activities at a safe social distance. The guidance is accompanied by four videos of the activities run in real-time by our friends at Basketball Scotland.

Schools Engagement- Nae Danger Video Game

The Nae Danger video game is weeks away from completion and we are rolling out the training as soon as it is ready. This is for delivering in schools with an accompanying discussion that explores our active bystander and 5 Ds messaging (Direct, Distract, Delegate, Document, Delay).

This is an exciting new project using a mobile app interactive game that has been co-created with young people. The game engages the entire class playing together, has a number of  ‘vote on decisions’ and ‘choices’ within the story that means the class can direct the game- ‘choose your own adventure style’. The class can discuss and debate the pathways to take but ultimately the option with the most votes decides the direction of the game and which pathway plays out. Throughout the experience, facts around the 5Ds are presented for discussion and debate.

The game will be delivered by local partners who will train in how to deliver the game and workshops. If this is something you would be interested in, please let me know.

If you have any questions or you would like to take part in any part of the programme you can email me on this email or the team at


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