Like many of you reading, March is the year-end for NKBL. During this time, we take the opportunity to reflect on our work and celebrate the amazing work happening at local level. Today we’re sharing some of our highlights of 2017/18 with you.

In 2017/18 we provided a form of direct support to partners in 25 local authority areas. We trained 376 practitioners across Scotland. We anticipate that each practitioner will go on to deliver NKBL sessions to roughly 1,500 young people.

Our schools play, Balisong, had 62 performances in 17 local authorities, reaching 12,200 young people. 94% of participating schools said the play was well received by pupils and 100% felt the play supported current prevention work or new conversations about prevention work.

We trained 83 young people to be NKBL Peer Educators. One group of Peer Educators went on to reach 2,452 young people in Dundee.

Developed 2 new resources plus guidance for schools on integrating knife crime prevention and saw our resources being downloaded over 3,470 times.

We started an Instagram account to broaden our #noknives messaging to young people. In the first six months we reached 8,749 people.

What was your NKBL highlight of 2017/18? Share with us over on Twitter.

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