‘The Balisong’ (another name for a butterfly knife) is a brand new NKBL play developed in collaboration with, and performed by, young people.

“Because if you know.
If you know and don’t stop it.
Don’t say anything.
Then you might as well…be the one holding the weapon”

Between September and November the play will be performed at 60 secondary schools across Scotland from Airdrie to Alloa, Dunfermline to Drumchapel. The play and accompanying workshop support an ongoing focus on knife crime prevention in schools.

In the play, three friends discuss what led their friend to stab someone. Their conversation is a powerful examination of the risks and consequences of carrying a knife and the challenge of speaking up when you know someone is carrying a knife.

No Knives, Better Lives is a YouthLink Scotland programme funded by the Scottish Government. We’re working in partnership with Fast Forward and Strange Town Theatre Company to develop and deliver this workshop tour.

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