The schools play, ‘Balisong’, produced in partnership with Fast Forward and Strange Town Theatre, has been shortlisted for a Herald Society Award under the Partnership Award category.

The play, written by playwright Jennifer Adam, charts the journey of three friends through the final weeks of school. They are facing a dilemma. What should they do now that one of their friends has started carrying a knife? Should they tell someone? What will happen if they do? What will happen if they don’t? Their conversation is a powerful examination of the risks and consequences of carrying a knife and the challenge of speaking up in situations where other people might be at risk.

“I enjoyed the performance because this showed how people’s lives can be changed by telling the truth.” Young person

“If I knew someone was carrying a knife I would now tell someone immediately.” Young person

“Amazing, couldn’t take my eyes off it.” Young person

The play was created using a peer theatre approach. The approach engages directly with young people’s ideas, opinions and experiences of knife crime and uses their daily experience as the catalyst and inspiration for the story. This means the project is led by young people, for young people.

In 2017/18 the tour played 62 performances, 58 in schools and 4 showcases across 17 local authorities in Scotland to an audience of around 12,200 young people.

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