Nae Danger Game

Nae Danger – The Game is a new interactive game where you get to meet Darren and find out about his experience with knife carrying.


The game can be played with between 5-50 players, making it great for classrooms and youth groups. The game can be played over video calls (Zoom/Google Meets/Microsoft Teams) to support distance learning. [Suggested age range: S3 upwards but practitioners may choose to use this with other age groups]


Using their phones (or an internet browser), players make the decisions for Darren and choose how the story plays out.


Throughout the game, there are mini-games where players can add their own spin on the story, answer quiz questions, and draw pictures, which are then shared and voted on by all players.


With players making the choices, they are immersed in the experience and this all allows for a different take on discussion of serious topics.


Getting Started…

>Download The Nae Danger Game User Manual HERE<

The Facilitator/host running the game


This is the host for the game. It is the main screen that players watch and where the story is told.


To download go to


ACTION: We recommend you download the file in advance and save it locally to ensure access.



The Players- accessing via phone/web browser


Players don’t need to download anything to take part.


To play go to:


Enter the Room code that is on the main screen.





If you would like to request the training video or need any help with the game, please contact the National Delivery Team.

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