NKBL works with a wide range of practitioners and partners across Scotland from youth workers to teachers and Police.


Our partners work in a variety of settings including schools, local communities, residential units and youth projects.


About the NKBL Network

The NKBL Network aims to bring partners together via a number of channels. We strive to meet the needs of all partners and to provide opportunities to share experiences, promote good practices, and give feedback on what we do.


As well as this section of the website, we have a dedicated Facebook group, monthly newsletters, and hold regular Network events both nationally and locally.


Practitioners from our network also discuss relevant issues on our blog.


The Network is open to new partners across all sectors and from all areas of Scotland who do similar work with young people.


If you are interested in joining, please contact us or go to the NKBL Network Facebook group page.


How we work

The Network is currently managed by the National Delivery Team but is led by our partners.


Our activities are a direct result of feedback from our partners and individual practitioners on the kinds of events they highlight as being most useful and relevant to their work and areas they would like more information about.


Sharing information and good practice

The NKBL Network also works as a channel for information and good practice sharing between partners.


If you would like to request or share some information, please contact the National Delivery Team.

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We share information via Facebook groups, you can request to join:





Practitioners from our network discuss relevant issues.