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As part of the national NKBL programme, we provide a variety of materials to support practitioners to deliver the message locally. All our resources are free to use and we are happy for other organisations to reference our materials with appropriate credits. If you have any queries, contact the team:


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  • Marks Story- An Online Campaign: “What Happens Next”

    This campaign is based on the NKBL film Mark’s Story: One Knife Many Victims, with the aim to communicate the risks and consequences of carrying a knife to young people across Scotland. Between now and March 2017, we’ll develop and send out content every month that follows Mark’s story from where the film leaves it, looking at a different aspect of the short and long term consequences of Mark’s decision. This will include real life stories from parents and victims and first-hand accounts from paramedics, police officers and young people who have ended up in prison as a result of carrying or using a knife. We’re working with YoungScot to help us reach as many young people as we can across Scotland, but we want our NKBL partners to support the campaign too. Follow the story each month via the links below and support the campaign by sharing the content we develop with the young people you work with via your own platforms. Part 1: Mark’s Story Part 2: A Paramedics Story Part 3: Know The Facts Part 4: Ian’s been stabbed, Marks is in Custody, what happens now?
    Interactive Resources

    Updated: 27 November 2018

  • Mark’s Story Online Toolkit

    This online toolkit is designed to be used with the NKBL film Marks Story (One knife, many lives) The film tells Mark’s story. His night kicks off like any other, but a decision he makes early on will turn his life upside down. And it’s not just his life that’s ruined – his decision affects everyone round about him too. The film is a hard hitting educational resource which highlights the risks and consequences of carrying a knife. Based on research with young people and parents the central message is that if you carry a knife you may end up using it. And if you do, you run the risk of ruining the lives of those close to you, not just the person you stab. Watch the video to familiarise yourself with the story and content before exploring the toolkit
    Interactive Resources

    Updated: 27 November 2018

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