Campaign: “What happens next…”

This campaign is based on the NKBL film Mark’s Story: One Knife Many Victims, with the aim to communicate the risks and consequences of carrying a knife to young people across Scotland.


Between now and March 2017, we’ll develop and send out content every month that follows Mark’s story from where the film leaves it, looking at a different aspect of the short and long term consequences of Mark’s decision. This will include real life stories from parents and victims and first-hand accounts from paramedics, police officers and young people who have ended up in prison as a result of carrying or using a knife.


We’re working with YoungScot to help us reach as many young people as we can across Scotland, but we want our NKBL partners to support the campaign too.


Follow the story each month via the links below and support the campaign by sharing the content we develop with the young people you work with via your own platforms.


Part 1: Mark’s Story


Part 2: A Paramedics Story


Part 3: Know The Facts


Part 4: Ian’s been stabbed, Marks is in Custody, what happens now?