Mark’s Story: One Knife, Many Victims

One knife, many victims: Mark’s night kicks off like any other. But a decision he makes early on will turn his life upside down. And it’s not just his life that’s ruined; his decision affects everyone around him too.

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A life changing decision? Follow the story each month and find out what happens next…


Mark thought it was all going to kick off down the park. His pals were winding him up. He only took the knife for protection…


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Work With Young People

The NKBL film Mark’s Story: One Knife, Many Victims illustrates how easy it is to make that potentially devastating, split second decision to pick up a knife.


The film is fairly hard hitting and the young people that appear aren’t actors so it has a real credibility with young people. The storyline is informed by discussions with young people from across Scotland who took part in a series of development focus groups.


We’ve developed a resource to support practitioners to use the film as the basis of a prevention orientated programme with young people. It’s got some great ideas for activities that will help you work with young people to explore risks and consequences in a way that is meaningful to them and on their terms.


Mark’s Story Online Toolkit


The recommended viewing age is fifteen but this is a recommendation, not a “certificate” and the film can be (and commonly is) used with a younger age group at your discretion. Please watch the film to familiarise yourself with the content before working with young people.


All of our toolkits, training and supporting merchandise are free to practitioners working with young people in Scotland. You can also request a free DVD of the film.


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