Don’t Be In The Dark: Know The Facts

In part one we looked at Mark’s Story and how a split second decision has devastating consequences for him and the victim, their friends and their families. In part two, stories from the perspective of a paramedic and an embalmer.

This month we’re sharing the facts around our Don’t Be In The Dark series, where young people can learn the facts about knife crime in black and white.

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Carrying a knife for your own protection? Just being in possession of a knife could mean up to 5 years in prison. Get clued up with these facts on knife crime.

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Have you ever considered the consequences of carrying a knife? Don’t be in the dark…check out these sharp facts.

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Work With Young People

Alongside content for young people, every month we are sharing resources for practitioners who may want to build a youth work programme around the content of the campaign.


In month one we shared the NKBL film Marks Story: One Knife, Many Victims. The film illustrates how it easy it is to make that potentially devastating, split second decision to pick up a knife.


This month we’re sharing our short film series – Don’t Be In The Dark – that can be used to develop a follow on session when working with young people to discuss the facts about knife crime and the consequences.


All of our toolkits, training, and supporting merchandise are free to practitioners working with young people in Scotland. You can also request a free DVD of all the NKBL films.


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