One Knife. Many Victims.

Mark’s night kicks off like any other. But a split second decision he makes early on will turn his life upside down.

NKBL films

Watch these videos about the consequences of knife crime and see just how quick things can turn bad.

Your videos

These films were made by young people from across Scotland as part of the NKBL initiative. They all highlight the risks and consequences of carrying a knife as young people see it. Recognise anyone?!

NKBL campaigns

NKBL have created a series of advertising campaigns designed to highlight the dangers and consequences of carrying a knife.

Some feature real people in jobs where they have to deal first hand with the consequences of knife crime every day. Many have been made with the direct involvement of young people who live in areas most affected by violent crime. All of them show just how devastating and far reaching the split second decision to pick up a knife can be. Click through to see the films.

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Help & Support

If you’re worried and would like to talk to someone contact:




Speak to or email someone about any worry, any time.

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Info and advice if you’re feeling low or worried (for older young people).

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