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You are about to become part of a story that could have serious consequences. The decisions you make will affect the outcome for you, your friends and your family.

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  • Mark, that’s me away to your Aunty Karen’s.

    Be safe and don’t be home late.

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    • Mark Montgomery

      yesterday 21:04

      did you see the Real goal last night... he's got mental skillz

    • Jordan Greenhill


      alright pal, just a heads up 'yer pal' Ian is meant to be heading to the park tonight

    • Mark Montgomery


      aye whatever, cheers man

  • Make your choice

  • Come on man, let’s go!

  • Mark!

    Alright Aunty Karen!

  • You be careful out there tonight

    Aye I will

  • Aye right, he’s the one that should be scared

  • What the hell have I done?

  • Aye, it was her wee nephew.

    Simon Payne

    I can't believe it man. What have you done to your Aunty...

  • Jordan Greenhill

    Did you hear the police turned up at his door?

  • It ain’t worth it.

    Whatever pal.

  • Morning!


  • I think it’s to do with that apprenticeship you were after… open it!

  • I can’t believe it! I got it!

  • Well done son!

    Choose life, not a knife.

Make your choice

Pick up a knife and who knows how many lives you’ll ruin.

Choose life,
not a knife.

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