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  • 18th September 2018

    Less than a week until #Balisong is back on the road! First up we're in Edinburgh, Dundee and Angus ???? Look out for a new resource launching on Wednesday that you can use after the play. Pick up your free copy at #SLF18

  • 17th September 2018

    Have you got our Lesson Plan yet? It was designed specifically for schools inputs and has everything practitioners need to run an assembly or classroom session on #knifecrime prevention

  • 16th September 2018

    No Knives, Better Lives is your one-stop shop for all the info you need on #knifecrime in Scotland. Whether you want to hear the sharp facts or hear from real life stories, we've got it all ⬇️

For Parents


If you’re worried and would like to talk to someone contact:


Speak to or email someone about any worry, any time.

08000 28 22 23


Give information on crime anonymously and safely.

0800 555 111

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